Film, Foil, & Paper Converting

Our Optima® brand includes carbon steel and stainless steel blades combined with advanced wear coatins to offer 8x blade life over standard carbon steel blades. Recommended for any slitting or converting application currently using basic uncoated blades and needing improved blade life and cleaner cuts.
Our Endurium® and Optima Plus® brands include high performance steels combined with revolutionary coatings offering 12-16x blade life over basic carbon steel blades. For use in virtually any slitting environment, these blades combine optimal toughness with long wear life for overall improved blade performance.
Our Endurium® brand also includes extreme wear materials including solid ceramic, solid carbide, and A11 tool steel. These materials can offer 80-100x blade life over basic carbon steel blades. Solid carbide and ceramic are recommended for the most demanding applications, but require good web control and minimal force.
Diamaze® PSD (Plasma Sharpened Diamond) blades combine the unmatched hardness of diamond with the benefits of an extremely sharp cutting edge. Cadence, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the Diamaze® brand of Plasma Sharpened Diamond (PSD) blades in North and South America.

With over 30 years of blade manufacturing experience, our specialty blades experts can help you find the right blade for your specific razor slitting/web converting application. We offer a full line of products in varying styles, thickness, materials, and coatings, each with different wear and performance characteristics. 

Cadence offers a large selection of stocked blades razor slitting blades for the converting market including:

Image Blade Shape Standard Dimension
EF-SLW15 Thumbnail Slotted Blades 2.25" x 0.75"
EF-INZ10 Thumbnail Injector Style Blades 1.5" x 0.315"
EF-THW12 Thumbnail 3-Hole Blades 1.69" x 0.84"
EF-GMW08 Thumbnail Single Edge Blades 1.5" x 0.69"
EF-UTW23 Thumbnail Utility Blades
SBIZP2 Thumbnail Pointed Tip Blades
SBIZ28 Thumbnail Circular Blades

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